We would be honored to assist you in applying for a Veteran's Marker or the new Medallion, which the Veterans' Administration supplies  free of charge to the family of a deceased Veteran of the United States Armed Forces who was honorably discharged. While there is a fee for the installation on your lot, the government supplied marker or Medallion will save you hundreds of dollars versus purchasing a marker. The new Medallion can be affixed to any existing memorial, if the Veteran does not already have a Veteran's Marker.

You can view the various options for markers or the medallion on the VA website, then contact us for assistance in applying for the appropriate memorial for your Loved One's grave. Please note that the applications MUST be signed by us as representative of the cemetery and delivered to us for installation.


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All gave some; some gave ALL

Some stood true for the Red White and Blue,

and some had to fall;

So if you ever think of me, think of all your Liberty,

And recall: "Some Gave ALL".

Honor due them,

Give it to them;

It is through them,

that we're FREE!